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Our Mission


Conservation of flora, fauna and the soil in the central pampas region of Argentina, by farming commercially on organic principles and promoting field research and education


Tribute to Pamela Schiele


With the very sad loss of Pamela Schiele, on the 29th June, 2015, the second of the founders of Foundation Rachel & Pamela Schiele, has left us.  At the age of 97, this extraordinary person was never satisfied with mediocrity, with having to compromise on principles,  or with accepting conventional wisdom.  Both Rachel and Pamela were visionaries, fighting to improve their beloved Argentina, with ideas and beliefs drawn from their own experience and from the intellectual world of Oxford University, which their family had been closely linked to, for generations. Pamela, herself a graduate of Somerville College, Oxford, drove their ideas forward with a determination and energy which was indefatigable and astonishing to all.   We, at the Foundation, will miss her sorely in the years to come.

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