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Las Dos Hermanas is a 4,000 hectare mixed organic farm in the Province of Córdoba, Argentina. It is situated on the edge of the semi-arid region of the pampas, 12 kilometres away from the thriving town of Arias, which lies on the old railway line between Buenos Aires and Mendoza, just off the Ruta 8.  The farm is on the edge of the Laguna Las Tunas, a Provincial Reserve.



In the 1890s Edward Constantine Schiele bought a tract of land called the Fortín Las Tunas, named after a mud brick fort built there many years before, to guard against Indians.   In 1912 Winifred, visiting from England, met and married Schiele’s sixth son, Bertie. They had two daughters, Rachel and Pamela, but sadly Bertie died in a flood in 1919, when the girls were very young and their mother took them back to England. The two sisters inherited their father’s share of Edward Constantine’s estate but seldom visited it until 1947, after which they both spent long periods on their farm.


  Over the years fences, windmills, troughs, and puestos were built, and the place became a profitable estancia. Rachel and Pamela always took a great interest in the welfare of the workforce but, as they became more interested in the estancia, the sisters read Silent Spring by Rachel Carson and realised that the farming then done at 2H was harming the environment. In 1984 their wish was finally fulfilled with the cessation of the application of insecticides and later herbicides. 

Charitable Status


The farm became certified as organic in 1992. It became a UK charity in 1994, and subsequently registered with the Inspección General de Justicia in Argentina. Its aim is to continue the vision of the two sisters in perpetuity, to continue farming organically, and encourage organic farming and conservation in Argentina by example as well as by research, training and education.

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